1. A lovely day for a wedding ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

    I have been sitting here for too long trying to figure out what to say about Crystal’s wedding.  Crystal has been a great friend to me for the past 15 years.   It’s hard for me to sum up how I felt about my beautiful trip to Chicago, and my beautiful friend marrying her sweet man.  She looked gorgeous and he was so nice to finally meet.  They make a perfect couple.  I am pretty sure this wedding breaks the most images in a single blog post record!  Take a peek below… xo


    1. Louise Tee

      oh my goodness. love love love!!!
      these are AMAZING Nichole – just beautiful, the bride is gorgeous, and the groom and the sunlight and the water….oh wow.
      hard as it is to choose I think my favourites is the pavement shadow kiss – but i love them all.

    2. Mom

      The last few got blurry as the tears ran down my cheeks. What a glorious wedding! So proud of the images and my Crystal found someone to love. Congrats. Xxoo

    3. Deana

      Crys and Matt look so incredibly happy and in love :) Your photography is absolutely gorgeous. You really captured the fun loving spirit of C&M. These. are. incredible.

    4. Krysta

      So gorgeous honey. So bummed we weren’t able to meet up while you were so cloooose to me! We’re looking to move to that lovely city soon! Beautiful photos as usual you. xo

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