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    Alys Beach, Florida

    Funny thing about this family session, In 2010 I had met a sweet girl by the name of McKenna. McKenna was a senior in high school and had come to Santa Rosa Beach, Florida on vacation. Her Mom and her decided that while they were in town they would get McKenna’s senior portraits done. This is where I came into the picture. I met McKenna in Alys Beach fresh from a photography workshop that had taught me some pretty unique tips and tricks for getting more emotion filled images. When I arrived to meet McKenna, I met Julie and her family too. Don’t worry, they were her relatives–I don’t let strangers follow me around during sessions! They told me they really wanted to watch the shoot so I let them even though it’s something I never do (yeah… I don’t let extended family follow me around either, but sometimes it’s okay to break the rules.) ;) I decided to have this family help me with the session instead so that I could try some of these new ideas that I had just learned. This awesome little family rocked the things I had them do. One little girl in particular was so helpful and sweet. Fast forward to this past summer and I get an email from that very family. I was so excited to meet them again and do their family pictures. I couldn’t believe how that sweet little helpful girl had grown into a teenager so quickly! Okay, okay so it had been 4 years, but really?! Time, just slow down will ya?  Anyway, I will quit my rambling and just show you the goodies!  Enjoy! xo

    Alys Beach PhotographerALYS beach photographerAlys Beach Photographer

    Most Treasured Moment

    "Catching up with the family I met 4 years prior and seeing how fast their family had grown was my favorite thing about this session. Also, they were pretty fun to take pictures of. They knew how to rock the camera."

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