1. Amy time…

    When I shoot weddings, I always call one of my best friends, Amy Smith, to come second shoot for me.  Besides her being talented, we just make a great team and I love having her around.  Well, not too long ago we reversed roles.  Instead of me calling  on her to come shoot with me, she called me.  She was shooting a wedding in Santa Rosa Beach (She lives in Georgia) and wanted to know if I would second shoot for her.  I of course jumped at the chance!  Time with Amy and cameras in hand?  Bliss!  Here are just a few of the images I got to capture on the beach of the beautiful couple….

    And of course if there is a baby around I can’t resist taking their photo!  This little beauty is the daughter of the lovely bride and groom.   Isn’t she gorgeous!?


    1. Amy

      I was so honored to have you by my side. Thanks for giving me some Amy time. I love to spend all the time with you. See you this week or next. xoxo.

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