1. Autumn in the Summer

    Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

    Hi Friends! So… This Santa Rosa Beach family photography session happened around Christmas time. Of course it’s summer before I share it with you. Haha! You may recognize some of the faces here as they aren’t strangers to this blog. Autumn is one of my best friends. We actually met through photography. I was looking for some models for a children’s photography session to test my Make Believe Actions on before I launched, and Autumn emailed me about the possibility of using her daughter Luna which of course I did. We didn’t really become close friends until Autumn hired me for some mentoring. She was a natural and blew me away with how quickly she learned. She has come a long way since then and she makes me so proud! If you want to see her work just check her out here. This session was a big deal for Autumn as it was her first real family session with her boyfriend Mike and her daughter. They love to camp so we figured a camping session complete with their cute little camper would be so much fun to shoot. It was! We played in the pretty light inside and outside, Autumn and Luna snuggled under a Florida snow flurry, and we finished the night with smores, stories, and a campfire. It was perfect.:) It was so perfect that I entered one of the images from this session into the National Association of Professional Child Photographer’s International Image competition and received their Recognition of Merit Award! I was so excited and honored! You can see that image here too!

    I had mentioned in a previous post that I would let in on the equipment I used for the session shown so here goes! I used my main camera body the Canon 5D Mark III with a combination of a few lenses. I have a cheap 28mm f1.8 that I have for mostly underwater photography, but honestly I really love it so I’ve started to use it more and more on dry land. Most of these images were taken with that particular lens actually. I also used my Canon 45mm tilt shift. It’s my favorite lens and sometimes I wish I could use it for my whole session. This Santa Rosa Beach family photography session happened a while ago so I don’t really remember all that I used, but I may have also used my 35mm f1.4 as well. For my edit I used a matte preset in Lightroom and a saturation boost. To polish it all off I finished my edit with Make Believe Action’s ‘Free Bird’ action at 30% opacity. Voila! That’s it. Take a peek at the pretty pics below and be sure to say “Hi” in the comments! Thanks for reading! xo

    Santa Rosa Beach, Florida family session beury2 Beury3 Beury4 Beury5

    Most Treasured Moment

    "Just hanging out with some of my favorite people, doing one of my most favorite things to do had to be my favorite part!"

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