1. Baby Reese

    This beautiful new baby girl is named Reese.  I think that I seriously have the best luck ever with newborns.  She was an absolute dream to photograph, and I tell you– I am soo excited to share these images with you!  So without anything further to say I’ll let you have a look for yourself!!


    1. Angel

      what a beautiful baby girl! and you make the pictures look so peaceful! absolutely beautiful!

    2. Kristen

      These are amazing photos and Reese is just BEAUTIFUL! There are no words for how precious this little girl is. Great pictures!!!

    3. Mother

      What a beautiful baby! Great shots, I love the first one with all the bird cages in the trees, she looks like a little Snow White.

    4. alyson

      my INCREDIBLY AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL ADORABLE niece, baby Reese!!! this is the BEST photography i have EVER seen!!!! i love her and love these pics!!!

    5. Diane Sexton

      Chylon…… Reese is just beautiful!!!! The pictures were so well done. That girl knows how to pose already…. Enjoy every minute….take lots of pictures. They grow up to quickly.
      Take care….God Bless.

      Diane Sexton

    6. Katie, Nisha, and Mrs. MacLean

      She’s so cute and so photogenic. We love the pictures! We miss you Mrs. Whitehurst!

    7. Janice

      These pictures are amazing! Baby Reese is an “ANGEL” and a “SPECIAL GIFT” from GOD. She is a beautiful as her mother.

    8. Aunt Sallie

      I love her, I love her, I love her, I love her! I have looked at this 500 times today:) She’s so beautiful and lovely:)

    9. Joan Harris

      Chylon: See is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations to you and all the family. Enjoy every second with her – it goes by so fast.
      Joan Harris

    10. Carolina

      Coach Whitehurst:
      Mrs. Moon couldn’t help but show us soccer girls the pictures, I hope you don’t mind! Baby Reese is gorgeous and we hope you and Forrest are having a wonderful time getting used to your new little family. We love you and we are ‘proud as a peacock’ to call you our coach. Best wishes!

      Carol A.

    11. Amy

      Chylon, she is plumb perfect! I love the whole “look” of these pictures! I hope you guys are doing great! Bring little Reese”y” cup by sometime so we can gaze!

    12. grandparon

      chylon&forest the pictures are like thouse you would see in a book of fairy tailes.she is like a prioncess. when i look at reesei think about how fast you came in and out of my life.one day you are a baby the next you are having a baby.i love the 3 of you, i know you will have wonderful life.reese is truly a gift from GOD.

    13. Lundi Carroll

      I love your newborn pictures! I am due October 4th with a baby boy. I’m starting to look around for photographers and get price quotes. You can email me at brahhasurf@gmail.com


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