1. Bartholomew Stormwater…

    In my hurried attempt to get things together before my Disney vacation, I ran out of time with my last blog post and left it naked!  I promise to make up for that with this post. :)  My Disney experience was definitely one for the books.  I had imagined spending lots of time with my Mom, my sister, my brother, and of course my husband and children; I had not imagined that all but one (Caleb) of us would come down with food poisoning.  Not. Fun.  It’s not always easy being thankful on Thanksgiving while watching all of your loved ones bed ridden, or worse toilet ridden.  (Yes, I know that is gross!)  It made me take a deeper look at my life, and I am so blessed.  It could be worse.  A lot worse.  They could have chronic illness, they could be fighting for their lives, or worse– they could no longer be with me.  It is easier to be thankful when you look at the big picture.  Even through the vomit, I am so blessed to  have been able to go to Disney with my loved ones.

    I guess the positive perspective was a good preparation of things to come when we got home.  If I hadn’t been looking at the big picture I might have been really upset when we got home.  Our ceiling had fallen down in certain rooms of our house.  I might be really down about not being able to go home for at least another 3 weeks while our floors get replaced, because what caused the ceiling to come down was a broken water pipe that also flooded a few of our rooms which in turn ruined the floor.  I might also be upset that I won’t get to set up our Christmas tree, or decorate my house in all things Christmas.  Instead, I’m thankful.  Things could be so much worse. 

    Before the food poisoning kicked in, we did have a few fun days.  :)  The first day we took Caleb to the Pirates of the Caribbean, for a pirate makeover.  He was a little apprehensive at first, but the characters were so patient and kind, he quickly got into the pirate spirit.  Here are a few images taken of my Caleb’s transformation into Bartholomew Stormwater….

    Of course, if the images aren’t enough proof of Caleb’s good time at Disney this video should do the trick!  Here is Caleb enjoying a roller coaster at the Magic Kingdom.  Video taken by Collin Burnett and taken with the iPhone 4.

    The Good Pirate from Nichole Burnett on Vimeo.


    1. amy

      the first image is of course my favorite. He was such brave young man. Getting to be a big boy Moma…. You better keep the blog on a roll because I want to see some more pretty pictures. Miss you. Oh the video was awesome.

    2. Aunt Tammy

      Wow, what a good looking pirate. Johnny Depp better watch out! Sorry you had so much to deal with but it is all in the attitude isn’t it! Congrats on having a great one! Its great to see my little niece turn into such a fine woman! Keep it up! Miss you all!

    3. Renee

      HAHAHA!!!! That video was sooooooooo cute! The photos of the make-over are amazing. Photogs are so lucky to be able to capture their kids this way!!

    4. Grandmother

      I loved the pictures. Would love to see allof the family during their fun days. You are so great with a camera. Who would have known.
      Love you

    5. Tirzah

      Ah..I’m so sorry to hear all of what happened on your trip & returning. Your right though, when looking at the bigger picture ~ still so much to be thankful for. What a wonderful way to view it all. Hope things work out & fast. Such wonderful images of the lil pirate, very very cute.

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