1. Beauty and the Beast ~ Destin Children’s Photographer

    Earlier today my husband and I were driving home from an area that we rarely visit.  On our way home we decided to take a route that we don’t often take– just to mix things up.  (Vague? Yes, I know.) While we were driving we passed an adorable, abandoned Indian Restaurant.  As we drove by, I noticed the dress Halle just so happened to be wearing would be perfect for some photos in front of this building!  I quickly told my husband to turn around because I MUST take some images of Halle there.  :)  Lucky for me, he gets about as excited as I do when it comes to photography.  Not a single hesitation later, and U-turn here we come!  Thank you Steven for letting me release this artistic beast that lives inside of me. ;)  Okay, so that was dramatic.


    1. Louise Tee

      ahhhh can’t choose a favourite! new location found for future shoots for sure. xxx beautiful.

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