1. Happy Birthday to my Sweet Lyla

    Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

    Happy Birthday to my little Lyla!!! Can you believe she is SIX today?! I certainly can’t. Since I am a sentimental mess let me tell you a little about my youngest girl in her words.

    Me: Lyla, what is your favorite color?

    Lyla: Purple.

    Me: What’s your favorite show?

    Lyla: Hmmm.. (points to the TV) Octonauts. (It’s a Netflix show.)

    Me: What was your favorite part of being 5 years old?

    Lyla: Seeing Caden. (I had him right after her fifth birthday! Her answer melts my heart!)

    Me: What are you most excited about for your birthday?

    Lyla: Seeing my friends.

    Me: What’s your favorite song?

    Lyla: Let It Go. (Of course it is. ;))

    Me: What’s your favorite toy?

    Lyla: Legos.

    Me: What’s your favorite food?

    Lyla: Corn and Broccoli. (She says as she licks her lips. HAHA!)

    Me: What’s your favorite drink?

    Lyla: Water!

    Me: What’s your favorite dessert?

    Lyla: Rainbow icecream.

    Me: Do you like the beach or the pool better?

    Lyla: The pool because it doesn’t have salt water. It burns my eyes.

    Me: What do you want people to know about you?

    Lyla: That I am about to be in first grade!

    Gosh she is so cute! I took these pictures a few months ago. I played around with double exposures and my 70-200mm lens. It was fun to get out there and play around a bit with my camera. I will be taking some more pictures of Lyla for her 6 year old photos very soon. Actually, I’ll be taking all the kids birthday photos very soon. Caden is going to be 1 years old next week, and Halle and Caleb had birthday’s in March so I am a bit behind.  Whoops! Oh well. They will be worth the wait!

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