1. Our Newest Addition: My birth story

    Destin, Florida

    So it’s been a little quiet over here on this blog, but I can promise that has not been the case at my house.  :)  On July 16th at 8:39am my family and I welcomed our newest baby Burnett into this world.  We named him Caden Skye Burnett and he was 6lbs 2 oz of absolute perfection.

    His birth was a little unexpected as I was only 37 weeks along.  I had had a doctors appointment the morning of the 14th and was told that my blood pressure was high and that I had proteins in my urine.  I have a long list of complications that I’ve had with each of my pregnancies so honestly this wasn’t a huge surprise.  In fact, this had happened while I was pregnant with my son Caleb.

    I went home and started a 24 hour urine collection only to start seeing “stars” around 11 o’ clock in the evening.  I had been told by my nurse that if anything unusual occurred during the next 24 hrs to come right in to be admitted so that’s what I did.  On the 15th of July (after my 24 hour collection was up) my doctor decided that my protein count was too high and so was my blood pressure.  They told me that they would go ahead and start pitocin at midnight and that I should try to get some rest.  Honestly, I couldn’t sleep.  My mind was racing.  I hadn’t packed a hospital bag (that had been on my to-do list for that week), I hadn’t cleaned my house, I had so much left to do.

    Thankfully, I had tons of friends and family visit me at the hospital and keep me from worrying about things I couldn’t do anything about.  Fast forward to the next day.  I woke up on the 16th around 6:30 am and at 6:45am the doctor broke my water.  My pain level before they broke my water was about a 2-3 and instantly after breaking my water it was about a 7.

    In my dream world I had wanted an all natural child birth.  I wanted to go into labor when my body decided to, I wanted to have a hospital monitored water birth with no pain medication, but that was me just dreaming.  I’ve had an epidural with all of my births, but during the birth of my second child I discovered that my spine was full of blood vessels which made the epidural process much more complicated.

    I had decided before I went into labor that I would pass on the epidural this time because honestly, there isn’t anything worse than being poked in the spine over and over while trying to remain completely still during what seems like the worst pain ever.  Well, that was what I had planned… after my water was broken I was visited by the epidural fairy and asked if I wanted the some pain relief.  I had explained that I had a weird spine and that I wasn’t sure I wanted it.  She felt confident with the warnings that I gave her that she would be able to help me out.  So I opted for the epidural.

    In her defense, I really am a freak of nature and she just had no idea what a complicated patient I really was.  At this point it was 7 am and I got ready to get my sweet epidural relief.  Fast forward and hour and 25 minutes, and 5 spine pokes later and I requested that they quit trying (at this point it was a ‘they’ because she had to call for back up) because I knew it was almost time to start pushing.  They asked me to give them 5 more minutes and I did.  They told me that I should start feeling good and that they were done.  WELL, I still felt my contractions and everything else, but the edge was sort of taken off.   Nine minutes later I had him.  It was beautiful.

    As weird as it sounds I’m sort of thankful that I felt all of it. I had originally wanted that after all.  See.  I really am a total freak of nature. ;)

    Anyway, it’s 7 weeks later and I am finally blogging his newborn pictures… My oh my, has he grown a ton since I took these.  I promise to share more as I get into my new groove with this little guy.  xo


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