1. Birthday Girl

    Today she turns four.

    We spent the morning reminiscing over her baby pictures, and I am just so in awe over how much she has grown.  I can remember shopping for all things pink and girly.

    I can remember the list of names I had picked for her…  ‘Halle’ beat out ‘Emma’ and ‘Sydney’ as possibilities because Daddy said it sounded best with ‘Princess.’

    Here she is.  My Princess Halle.

    I love this little girl to the moon and back times infinity.

    Happy Birthday beautiful.


    Mommy xo

    * The color processing is my actions from my Make Believe Actions ‘Peaches and Cream’ at 70% and Golden Afternoon at 70%.

    The Black and White is ‘Watercolor’ with the grain layer turned off.

    The posing is all her own. ;)


    1. Amy

      Happy Birthday HALLE!!! It is a miracle your Aunt Amy spelled your name right. I have presents to bring over and can’t wait to cuddle you. Nichole as always you never cease to amaze me with you beautiful images. I am inspired by these and can’t wait to see what else you have been working on. XOXO big night tomorrow!

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