1. Bob and Five

    Angel has been my best friend since I was 11 and she was 10.  I think once you get past a certain number of years with any friendship that a better word to describe them would be family. That is what she is to me.  A sister.  As children we both wanted to have funny nicknames for each other– I’m not really sure why.  She chose Bob.  I chose Five.  Why those names?  I ask myself the same question. :)  She’s been there for me through happy times and sad times.  Everyday I am thankful that I have such a close friend.  I can tell her anything I know she will always be on my side.

    I love you Bob.

    Love Always,



    1. Angel

      thank you nichole for being the best friend ever!!! i love the pics!! you are so talented and i am proud to be your best friend!! Love you five!! love, bob

    2. Jane

      Oh My!! There are no words to describe the joy I feel when I look at these pictures or when I think about how the 2 of you have remained friends over the years. Family is the best description! Thank you Nichole!! I love you both!! :)

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