1. Breathe, Just Breathe ~ Photography experiments

    Destin, Florida

    Photography experiments: Today has been a pretty good day. My husband let me sleep in until 9:30am which was AMAZING. Normally I can’t sleep past 8am, but for whatever reason I did today and it was magnificent. I got up and got ready for the day and decided to start checking some of my TO-DO’s off of my list. One of the things I had been wanting to do was experiment with my gear a little bit. I went to the craft store and got some things to add to my little bag of photography tricks. I’ll post more on that at a later date, because it’s pretty cool and I want to share. Fast forward through the rest of my errands and I was barely back home before the sunset. I quickly assembled my new little photography creation and decided to head out to the beach with my girls to play. By the time I got to our destination the sun had slipped behind a cloud mountain and was gone for the remainder of the time we spent on the beach. The light was the key to my new creation so I had to file that away for another day. I decided I didn’t want to waste this beautiful evening with my girls so I grabbed my Lensbaby and decided to play with a different toy. :)

    My girls are definitely little water babies. They could not stay out of the water if they wanted too. I, of course, can’t complain because it makes for great pictures. I snapped a few and really enjoyed watching them play. It’s crazy because this isn’t a new activity for us. I’ve been dragging them to the beach since they were tiny so that I could take their photos. No matter how many times we’ve done this each time is so different. They’re different. They’re growing and it makes me so happy and so sad at the same time. It’s like that old song “Breathe” by Anna Nalick says:

    “And life’s like an hourglass, glued to the table
    No one can find the rewind button, girl
    So cradle your head in your hands
    And breathe… just breathe,
    Oh breathe, just breathe.”

    That song always breaks my heart, but it makes me happy at the same time. Like I should say, “Thanks for the heads up!” All while toting my camera around as if it were a magic time stopping device. Haha! I guess it really sort of is that. Anyway, we had a good evening. I’m so proud of these little girls. Halle is such a little fireball and at the same time such a sweet, thoughtful, sensitive girl. She’s our Princess. Lyla is my tiny little fairy. Everything about her is so damn cute! She randomly asks me to call her strange nicknames like, “Florey” or “Boots.” It cracks me up! These two are as close as sisters can be. I’m glad they still love being my little muses. I love these images of them. They aren’t technically perfect by any means, but for me it’s about the feeling these images give me and the memories they will become. Thanks for reading. xo SantaRosaBeachChildrensphotographer

    Most Treasured Moment

    Being these kiddos Momma is my most treasured moment. I just can't even believe they are mine. I have amazing, amazing children.

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