1. Catching up

    So.  I have been so busy!  I just wanted to say that I may not be able to blog my project image everyday, but please trust that I am still taking them. To catch everyone up, here are a few of my images.

    Day 5 | BreakfastNeed I say more?

    Day 6 | Books

    Now with this series I do feel like I need to say more.  I was so incredibly busy this day, that I didn’t have time to actually grab my camera and take the image I had in mind for this theme.  I eventually ran out of time, or so I thought.  I had just got back home from a session, when Halle came prancing out of her room asking me to read her a bedtime story.  How could I resist? After reading all of my babies a story and partaking in some fun tickle wars, it was time to visit lala land.  As I was getting up, Halle grabbed her Alice in Wonderland book and started to tell me the story (based on pictures of course, she is only three).  She was too cute not to grab my camera and take a few snaps.  I love that my theme was something I could catch candidly.  Here are those images.Day 7 | High Angle

    Here is my Lyla.

    Only 23 more days to go!



    1. Lara

      Awwww, gorgeous, Nichole! I think we’re doing slightly different projects, but I’m still totally loving seeing such gorgeous photos! Lxxx

    2. Louise Tee

      those are lovely!! so beautiful and each of your kids are here. where were you standing when you took the high angle ones of Lyla?
      we have sunset today and it is cloudy and rainy….not sure what I am going to do!

      • Nichole Burnett

        Louise, I was on a ladder. It may rain here today as well. If it does, I was thinking I would just switch tomorrows theme for today.. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn’t rain as I also have a family session this evening.

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