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  1. Senior Squad: Senior Photography Session in Destin

    Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

    Hey, Hey, Hey!  Things may have been quiet on the front end of my business, but that isn’t the case behind the scenes!  We have a huge announcement to make for all of our High School Senior freinds! We are officially opening up applications to be a part of our very first Elite Senior Squad for the class of 2017! What is this magical unicorn of a Senior Squad we speak of, you may ask?! Let me tell you! We are looking for seniors from all of the surrounding high schools including, but not limited to Fort Walton Beach High School, Choctawhatchee High School, Niceville Highschool, Collegiate High School, and South Walton High School! As a part of our Senior Squad you will be a part of a community of like minded seniors that will use their power for good in our local community.  There will be lots of swag and you will have your images published Nationally in magazines and blogs.  It’s going to be so much fun, and honestly there is just way too much to explain via this blog post. So let’s make this easy! Fill out this application form and let’s see if you are a good fit! Once we’ve received your application you will get an email from us to set up round 2 of the application process! We can’t wait to meet you!! ….AND oh yeah, this is a great way to enjoy your Senior Photography Session around Destin.Senior Photography Session in Destin

  2. Beautiful Bennett | Destin Family Photographer

    Destin, Florida Pompano Joes

    As a family photographer my job is to tell a story visually, but sometimes visuals don’t always share the whole story. This is one of those instances. You would probably never guess that the little three year old in these photos has cancer. That her family is just living day by day terrified and praying for a miracle. I want to share this story with you so that you too can pray for a miracle.

    ” There are certain days and/or events that remain transfixed in your mind forever because of either joyful or tragic endings. The day you met your future spouse, your wedding day, the birth of your children, the death of a loved one, all leave a lasting impression on you for the rest of your life. The day we discovered Bennett’s brain tumor is one of those days. I can still smell and feel that Central Baptist triage room as well as vividly recall every detail of that horrible day. I can still see the doctor’s lips moving but not hearing anything coming after the words – brain tumor. Billy and I just stood there in the middle of the ER holding each other and sobbing, crushed by two little words that would ultimately change our lives forever. January 15, was another one of those days. Let me begin where I last left you…”

    You can read the rest of their story here.  Also they never mentioned this link to me, but I want to share it with you incase you feel inclined to donate to this family. You can see that here.

    Special thanks to Jennifer of Waves of Grace  and Erica and Lindsey of Pure 7 for all of your help with setting this up. Thank you Katie and Billy for trusting me and Autumn to document this time for you. You are in my prayers. xo

  3. The Blustery Day as a Destin Beach Photographer

    Destin, Florida


    When I arrived to the Beach at Pompano Joes for this Destin, Florida family session I got a bit nervous. We had already pushed the date back (due to weather) to the last day this family was to be in town so I knew there was no way we could reschedule. I was nervous because the moment I got to the beach I could see how windy it was. Don’t get me wrong, the beach is always windy and I love a good windswept photo, BUT the wind on the beach on this day looked like a mini sand storm. All I could picture was sand in their eyes, hair completely over their faces and tears. Lots of tears. I gave myself a pep talk, and told myself that I could manage something beautiful even on a Winnie the Pooh style, blustery day– so that I did. I’m pretty sure my clients, Nick, Meghan, and Grace had no idea I had a moment of nerves when we first met. We found a little access that had dunes on each side blocking the wind and took some beautiful photos there. We got a little brave and headed towards the water and played in the sand for a bit and I noticed the wind was starting to die down. By the end of the session the wind had pretty much died down completely. I was so happy! The session had gone even better than I could have ever planned. I’m so thankful for clients that trust me completely with their photos. I love what each unique family brings to a session. Watching Nick, Meghan and Grace interact organically was one of my favorite things. It makes looking at the photos at the end of a session like Christmas to me. Check out this beautiful session below.

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