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  1. 30A Thursday: Places to Eat on 30A

    Seaside, Florida

    I often get emails from clients asking me about family friendly places to eat on 30A while they’re visiting, so I figured I’d spotlight one of my favorite family friendly places for lunch. If you haven’t ever been to Seaside, Florida put it on your bucket list right now. It’s such a quaint little town right in the middle of our popular little beach area in Santa Rosa Beach known as 30A. My favorite spot to eat in Seaside is right on their Airstream Row. I’m such a sucker for airstreams so for me this spot is just a little bit magical. If you go at dusk these little restaurants are all lit up with twinkle lights which totally adds to that magic.  They have several delicious options to choose from so you’re bound to find something for those picky eaters in your life. I personally love the grilled cheese airstream, Meltdown on 30A. They have a goat cheese and pancetta grilled cheese which is to die for. Seriously. Seaside also boasts an amazing hotdog airstream with equally delicious dogs called Wild Bill’s Beach Dogs. It’s mouthwatering. As you can see below, this is a great little spot to visit with your family. The family below chose the yummy Wild Bill’s Beach Dogs for their dinner. They ended with a delightful little snow cone from Frostbites. Sounds like a perfect little evening right? It is!

    places to eat on 30A Thingstodoon30a-2

  2. Dune fun: Family Photography Session

    Grayton Beach, Florida

    I had so much fun on this family photography session. My clients arrived and they looked gorgeous! They had the sweetest little boy! He is two and speaks so well! I absolutely love this age. Those little boy curls and his lovely shade of blonde hair had me swooning! We met at Grayton Beach with the notion of not actually shooting at the beach, haha. We played on the beautiful trails near the Dune lakes and we had a blast. Check them out!

    family photography session Cappleman2 Cappleman3 Cappleman4

  3. Foggy Day Family Photography Session near Sandestin

    Sandestin, FL

    Hello Friends! Gosh, it’s been a while since I’ve posted a personal Burnett Family post! This is my boy Caleb and wow! He is getting to be so big! I’ve been wanting to shoot a Foggy Day Family Photography Session near Sandestin for a little while now and I’ve been waiting patiently for some fog to roll into the area. It always seems that when the fog is perfect for my vision the timing isn’t. The kids either have Karate, Soccer, Theatre, or Art or some other prior commitment. Earlier this week was no different. The fog was gorgeous on Monday afternoon, but of course the kids had their extra curricular activities so I silently pouted and hoped that fog would stay for one more day. When I woke up Tuesday morning I saw that the fog was still here! I did a little happy dance, brushed my teeth, threw up my hair and grabbed my boy and my camera. We took a golf cart ride through Sandestin and to my dismay the fog wasn’t as dense as I had been envisioning for all of this time. :( Since I’m not one to pout for too long I decided to forget about my vision (for now) and just enjoy a quick golf cart ride with this handsome guy. As we were looking at the scenery we found a cool tree and a fish feeder. Caleb wanted to feed the fish, but for whatever reason they weren’t biting. Caleb climbed the tree, and I snapped a few pictures of my sweet boy so that I could always remember this sweet morning. It ended up being a really sweet little photography adventure. :)

    I posted a few of these photos on my personal Instagram account (you can see my business account here) and noticed a few people had questions about the double exposure look on the images. While, I definitely love a good double exposure, this effect was achieved by using a prism. If you know me, you know that I love all things blurry, dreamy, and ethereal. This is just one of my many tricks I like to incorporate to give my work my signature look. These were also edited with my soon to be released Lightroom Presets. Keep an eye out here, here, and here for more information on that. ;) Thanks for reading! xoxoFoggy Day Family Photography Sessions SandestinFoggy Day Family Photography Session near Sandestin