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  1. A few of a photographer’s favorite things…mine at least.

    Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

    With Christmas right around the corner you may be wondering what to get those photographer’s in your life or as a photographer you may be wondering what you could get yourself to make your life a little bit easier and/or more fun. ;) Well, I am here to help! I’ve compiled a list of a few of my favorite things! Grab a pen and start taking notes!

    1. My absolutely favorite lens of all time is my 45mm Tilt Shift. There is just something super special about this lens. The blur, the slice of focus. It’s just the best. In fact, I plan on breaking it out a lot more in the coming year. Just say yes, it’s such a fun lens to be creative with.

    2. My camera bag! So I’ve tried almost every well known camera bag in the industry, and I have never been as satisfied with them. Enter the best bag in the world, The House of Flynn Evermore bag! *DROOL* When I first laid my eyes on this bag, I knew we were destined for greatness! Seriously though, it’s gorgeous and fits SO.MUCH.  I purchased two of these bags, the first one I bought was the Black Evermore with the fox interior, and the second bag I purchased was the Rose Gold Evermore. I do not need two, I just couldn’t say no. I’ll warn you, once you go House of Flynn you will have a huge addiction and need all the bags!

    3. So I’ve had a long love affair with all things LensBaby. My first Lensbaby was the Composer (I don’t even think they sell this anymore by itself). My second LensBaby was the Composer Pro with the sweet 35mm optic. My third Lensbaby was the Silver Velvet 56, AND my next LensBaby will be the Composer Pro II with 50mm Edge optic. That baby is on my Christmas list and I’ve been good all year! As I mentioned above I have a love affair with dreamy, blurry lenses and while the Tilt Shift is still my all time favorite the LensBaby’s lenses are something special. The light leaks and flares are out of this world.

    4. My Shootsac! I love to switch my lenses out during my sessions so this bag is a must. I’m constantly going back and forth between my 35mm 1.4, my tilt shift, and usually one more out of my collection depending on my mood. This makes the switch happen that much faster so I’m not missing those special moments.

    5. My editing tools! So you all know that I sell my very own photoshop actions. If you don’t, go check them out! I am working on releasing my new set at the beginning of the New Year and I’m also going to be releasing Make Believe Actions first Lightroom Presets! These tools make my life SO MUCH EASIER and they are SO PRETTY! Stay tuned for those and check out the Seaside Set! Those are gorgeous and I still use many of those on a daily basis and if you use the code ‘FAVS’ you can get 50% off for a limited time!

    6. Another tool I LOVE and use frequently is Pixellu Smart Albums. Before Smart Albums, I would spend hours and hours, days and weeks trying to create layouts for my clients. Not anymore. Smart Albums is seriously genius and it makes my life happy. Seriously, buy some happiness if you haven’t already. I hear they are on sale through today, so HURRY!!

    7. So this next one isn’t exactly a photographer thing, but it’s still worth the mention. WINE. My personal favorite, Cabernet and a good Hallmark channel Christmas movie make burning the midnight oil while editing that much easier.

    8. My next favorite thing, Chatbooks! As a mom with a camera, Chatbooks makes printing my iPhone snaps easy peasy. I’ve subscribed my instagram feed to Chatbooks and every 60 photos I get a printed book in the mail. As a photographer and mom, not all of my pictures make the Instagram cut so I also subscribed to have all my iPhone camera feed favorites printed in their own little book. It’s important to print your pictures and this just makes it easy.

    9.Camera Straps ~ Made With Love. Again, I’ve purchased a ton of straps throughout my career and these are my favorite. I love the quality, they’re beautiful and they last!

    10. So my last item to list isn’t something tangible, but any photographer/person you love, will love this gift. I work my booty off for my family, so the time I get to spend with them is so cherished and needed. I love to go somewhere with my husband and children just to spend time with them. Whether it’s to a park, to the movie theater, or just cuddling on the couch with some hot cocoa and a good movie– these moments and memories are the best. So put your phone down and be here now. You won’t ever regret this time.  :)

    Merry Christmas to you all! I hope this list is helpful in your search for the perfect gift! AND because a blog post is never finished without an image here are some images I took of my daughter Lyla earlier this year. These were edited with my Make Believe Photoshop Actions the Seaside Set. To be exact, I used ‘Yellow Kite’ at 50% opacity and ‘Sweetly’ with the ‘lift’ layer turned off. Also, these images were taken using a combo of my tilt shift and my Lensbaby Velvet 56. Enjoy!


  2. Photographer Award Competitions are a Driving Force

    Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

    I am definitely not one to toot my own horn. Honestly, I’m more comfortable blending in with the walls than most people. I rarely take a selfie and when I usually do it’s because of a desperate need to make sure my kids at least have a few photos of me. The thing is, my job is very much the complete opposite of that. I beg people to make sure they get into their photos (because you really should and you’ll regret not doing it), I also have to make sure I’m putting myself out into the world to help drive business. It’s the total opposite of me, and it’s a work in progress. Luckily, I love my job so much that I’ll do what I know I need to do to make it grow, even when it’s a bit awkward for me. Well, one of those things that I do to help drive me, and help me keep learning my craft is entering image competitions. They push me to put myself in front of a big audience, to make each session better than the last, and they push me to keep growing as an artist. Well with that all in mind, I had some great news today! Earlier today I discovered that I placed in 2nd Place in the National Association of Professional Child Photographer’s International Image Competition in the ‘Babies’ category!! I also had an image win an Honorable Mention in the ‘Family’ photographer category as well! I’ve won an Honorable Mention a few times now in the same competition over the years so you can image how excited I was to place 2nd place! Also, earlier this year I placed First Place in the ‘Newborn’ category of Lemonade and Lenses International Image Competition which was also so surreal! If you are a photographer and haven’t ever entered an image competition, I encourage you to do so pronto! It really does help with growth and with any shyness you may have. Anyway, here are the two images from the NAPCP’s July 2015 International Image Competition that placed.


    Well, since we are here I figured I’d go ahead and make this post a collective of the awards that I have won in the past and currently! :) These are the images that won Honorable Mention over the years.


    I can’t leave out my First Place Newborn Image from the Lemonade and Lenses Competition either! I was so proud of this one! Thanks for looking!! xoScreen Shot 2015-10-14 at 8.12.19 PM

  3. Newborn Photography Session: Baby Oliver

    Hoover, Alabama

    Boy oh boy do I love a lifestyle newborn photography session! My client Audrey and her husband Jason hired me a few years ago for a beach session with their first son, Weston. You can see that session here. When they found out they were pregnant with their second child Audrey contacted me to see if I would travel to Hoover, Alabama to do a lifestyle newborn photography session. Of course I said yes! When I got there I was shocked to see how big Weston had gotten. He is so adorable, and he has the best hair! Baby Oliver was absolutely beautiful as well. Newborn babies are just the sweetest. I documented Audrey and Jason’s new normal and left with an excitement for them and this session. It’s hard not to be excited when I see my client’s families grow and get to be a part of these special times. I look forward to continuing watching Weston and Oliver grow up together. These two are going to be best buds forever. :)

    Newborn_Photography Newborn Photography Session Newborn_Photography3