1. Claire at Watercolor Park

    Seaside, Florida-  This session was a session that took place last year, sadly I ended up not having time to share it right away.  This little girl is Claire.  She is adorable.  For her session I had found a gorgeous, yellow vintage coat on Etsy.  Often when I get inspired it is usually based off of an object, or moment.  I just so happened to be inspired by the yellow in this adorable coat.  :)  I knew I wanted light, and I knew I wanted to use this cute vintage lunch box I’ve had on my shelf forever, and all together we were on a yellow submarine!   This is what came about on our session date.   All images edited with my Make Believe Actions, the Seaside Set.  The color action is called ‘Monarch’ and the Black and White action  is called ‘Sweet BW.’  Easy enough!

    *Actions to be released soon! xo


    1. Amy Leigh Smith

      Ahhhh I remember seeing a little peak of these a while ago and now I am so happy to see them all put together. “I am not going to lie” I can’t bring myself to pick between the black and white or the color images. The are both so very beautiful. Keep these coming. They always makes my mornings bright.

    2. Ashley Livingston Kaestle

      Absolutely gorgeous Nichole!!! The way you used the light just made me giddy!

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