1. Day fourteen

    I will admit it.  Today’s theme “someone you love” sort of baffled me.  I have quite a few loves.  Some I see everyday, some I don’t.  Who do I choose?   I tucked the theme into the back of my mind and proceeded with my daily routine.  Every morning when I get up, I have a little audience by the name of Halle.  She is always eager to see me put on my makeup, and getting ready.  She knows if she asks I will give her some ‘lips.’  So, in our normal exchange of makeup, I could not stop thinking about how much I love her.  I pray as she grows older she will love herself just as much as I do, that no one will ever make her feel less about herself.  I pray she can see herself the way I see her….

    Day 14 | Someone I love


    1. Angel

      i love halle too…wow…what amazing pictures!! i hope that if i’m ever a mom I am as blessed as you are nichole!

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