1. A day in Rosemary Beach ~ Family Photographers

    Rosemary Beach, Florida

    Picking the pictures for this blog post was so stinkin’ hard.  I absolutely loved every single image from this photography session.  Like LOVED each one… A LOT. I mean just look at baby Benjamin! His little smile was the cutest and I couldn’t help but to “oooh and awe” at each image as I edited them. I mean seriously. This family was perfect.

    This family photographers session took place in Rosemary Beach. If you haven’t been there, you should definitely carve out some time to go visit.  It’s such a quaint little seaside town full of beautiful little nooks and crannies to take pictures in. The town square has tons of beautiful little shops and restaurants. In this town, riding a bicycle to and fro is the preferred way of travel. The Hayes family was staying there on vacation and inquired with me to take some pictures. Their beautiful baby boy had just turned 6 months and the happy couple had just celebrated an anniversary. They had a lot to celebrate together on this vacation and I’m so happy they chose me to document these happy times. Take a look at these photos and feel free to leave some love.  ;)  Thanks for looking!! xo

    Hayes1 Hayes2

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    1. Laura Smith

      Though it was hard for you to pick the right photos, your final pick are absolutely amazing. Love Rosemary beach. Been ages i was there last.

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