1. Day twelve

    So today’s theme was sunflare.  I think that you all know that sunflare just happens to be one my favorite things since it’s in most of my pictures.  I had a cute idea with today’s theme, so I went out with my pretty Halle.  I grabbed my camera, and just as I went to set my exposure I realized I had left all of my CF cards on my desk.  Oh, yes I did.  Sooo…. I grabbed Halle, went back home, grabbed my cards, and attempted our second go at today’s theme.  I did lose a great bit of my light — so much for the buckets of flare I wanted with these! Oh well, I am still really happy with these images.  Hopefully you are too. :)  xo


    1. Sonya

      Nichole, these are gorgeous!! I love the glitter and pigtails!! I’m sure I’m fast becoming your no 1 blog stalker…Have been loving what you come up with each day!!

    2. Janie

      Nichole! You’re amazing! And what a precious “model”!! I love looking at all your pictures. They make me so happy and proud of you!

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