1. Deeply ~ Sandestin Children’s Photographer

    You were born two years ago today.  It was a Saturday. Your Daddy and I arrived at the hospital early, before the sun rose because your birth was scheduled.  I had to be off of my blood thinners at least 24 hours before I could deliver.  We were so excited and ready for you to come.  I wanted your birth to be as natural as an induction could be, but when the pain came hard and I thought I couldn’t take it much longer I gave in to the epidural.  The epidural was more work than help as I am of a super rare part of the population that has their epidural injected into the tiny blood vessels in the spine.  Not once, but three times.  Time seemed to crawl by.  It came time to push and after a while you weren’t coming as we thought you would.  In my foggy state of exhaustion I saw the faces of my nurses change as they jumped on top of me to try to free you from me.  I didn’t realize then how serious that moment was, but you came out fine.  I cried happy tears, and kissed your beautiful face.  I nursed you, and waited for your Aunty Angel to bring your brothers and sister to meet you.  When they arrived, I felt like my family was complete.  You were my surprise baby, and what a happy surprise you were.  I love you so, so much.  You are not a baby any longer, but you will always be my baby.  Today I will be holding you closely and listening to your beautiful giggles deeply.  I love you, and I never want to forget you as the toddler you are.  As you grow up, I promise to document your beautiful smile and your kind spirit so that you can show your children what you were like throughout your life.  I’m wishing the time would crawl by like the day you were born, but because I know it won’t I promise not to take any of it for granted.

    Happy Birthday baby love-love.

    Your Mommy



    1. nicole

      Happy Birthday Lyla! You have a beautiful baby girl! Hope she enjoys her second birthday:)

    2. Steven

      Happy Birthday Lyla! I love you so much! and mommy did a great job taking your pictures!

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