1. Adventures in Red Rock…


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    Some of you may recognize my beautiful friend Renee from the beach maternity pictures I took of her while she was in town visiting me.  If you don’t you can see them here.   I had mentioned in that post that we had also been planning to do another maternity session in Vegas.  If you don’t know Renee and Ryan got married in Vegas and tend to visit the area often as they love it.  It really is their 3rd home (my house is their 2nd!).  Ryan is an amazing magician so it seemed sort of perfect to get married in Vegas right?  Well, we couldn’t think of a better place, than the same area they had their wedding pictures taken, to do this maternity session.  We rented a car and headed out to Red Rock Canyon.  It was overcast and cold on this day, but we didn’t let that stop us.  Even though I am a sucker for the bright sunlight, I don’t mind an overcast day as the look can be soft and gorgeous.  It’s nature’s softbox.  :)  We sort of just drove through the trails and when I saw a place I thought looked pretty, we would stop and shoot.  Apparently, I am a magnet to good stories because one of the areas we stopped was full of drama.  Let me explain.

    We pulled over (this is the 2nd picture shown) and decided to spend some time in this area taking pretty pictures.  As I was focusing on my subjects I started hearing a strange running noise.  I lowered my camera and looked in the distance and low and behold I saw 4 coyotes running in our direction!!  I feel like I need to explain my reaction to what I saw before I actually tell you what my reaction was.  Right before my husband and I left for Vegas, he showed me this crazy YouTube video with wolves.  You can watch that same video here and I suggest you do before you read any further.  ;)  WELL, I’m assuming you watched that video so I will continue.  When I saw the coyotes, my first instinct was that this video was coming to life and that the coyotes were possibly WOLVES.  Even though I only saw 4, I just knew that 50 of this pack’s closest buddies were about to join them.  My second thought was RUN!  So that’s what I did.  I looked into the distance at the coyotes and as I ran away from my friends I screamed, “COYOTES!!!!  RUUUUNNNN!!!!”  I didn’t even look back.  I just ran and the whole time I was thinking, “What kind of friend are you!!!?  You just left them!!”  Thankfully my friends ran just as fast, right behind me and we made it to our rental car safely.  Also, the coyote/wolves never multiplied, and never made it close to where we had been.  So many things about this session will never be forgotten.  The sound of the coyotes running, the look on my husbands face as I ran towards the car and watched him look like he was confused, but also terrified as he patiently waited for the electric window to roll up… I’ll never forget how hard we laughed as soon as we had made it to safety (the car), and at how fun this session really was.  Even without all of the drama, this session would still stand out in my mind as the time I got to document this time in my best friends life, in such a special place.  I can’t wait to meet their little girl that they, playfully call “Houdini” until they are ready to tell everyone her secret name.  :)


    1. Lauren

      Ha! What a wonderful story!! We often hear coyotes howling in the middle of the night around these parts… and we live in the city! What gorgeous images, Nichole!!

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