1. Yeah! A Destin Photographer’s Field Trip!

    Santa Barbara, California

    Hello There! I’m so excited to share this family session with you all today. :) Earlier this month I went to Santa Barbara, California to attend this awesome little photographer’s get together. Basically, I glamped (hey, sometimes you just need a comfy bed and a working bathroom;)) and took fun classes to learn new photography techniques. It was so much fun! Inspiration wasn’t hard to come by when you are surrounded by so much talent and surrounded with a beautiful backdrop like the El Capitan Canyon, so I was itching to get out and shoot! Long story short, I’ve been dying to do a family shoot for this girl Kylie. She and I met through a mutual photographer friend and last year she moved to LA so I missed out on the shoot. As luck would have it, she was in town visiting our mutual friend (Hi Autumn!) so I got the opportunity to do a family session for her! :) Happy me! The timing was perfect and I enjoyed getting to have fun and play with her and her family on the beach. Anyway, I will quit rambling and show you the goods! This is Kylie and Dustin with their daughter Eden. Enjoy! xo

    Santa_Barbara_Photographer_1 Santa_Barbara_Photographer_2 Santa_Barbara_Photographer_3Santa_Barbara_Photographer_4

    Most Treasured Moment

    "The California sunlight just melting over the water made my heart dance! Add in a beautiful family full of love and I'm in paradise."

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