1. Duke…

    This is Duke. Well, his temporary name is Duke… You see, we found this little guy at a gas station on our way home from Tallahassee. I was pumping gas and just watching this happy dog greet people as they walked into pay for their gas. He was so cute wagging his tail at the sight of someone new. Well, his happiness was short lived when I watched this one man enter the store. I guess Duke was in his way and instead of showing some compassion and gently moving him out of the way, this jerk decided to kick poor little duke and scream at him instead. Well, it was everything in me not to walk up to this man and kick him and tell him to have a heart. This man was lucky, but so was Duke. I didn’t wait a second longer and I went and put Duke in my vehicle and brought him back home with me. Here is where I need some help. As much as I love Duke, my home can’t be his forever home. I already have 2 dogs and most of you know 4 children ( 3 are just barely 4 and under.) It really wouldn’t be fair to Duke because I can’t give him the attention he so greatly deserves. Another thing about Duke is he has an old wound. It looks like he was hit by a car at some point in his short 4-5 month life and does not use his back left leg. I took him to my vet and they say that it feels completely healed. They can’t be sure unless he has an x-ray. I had Duke’s vaccinations done and treated him for fleas. He is free to a good home, but with his leg he will need an x-ray and possibly more treatment for that leg. He is such a sweet dog, I am hoping that I can find him his forever home soon. The vet thinks he may be a lab/great dane mix. He is 4-5 months old. Please take a look at his photos and email me (nichole@greenapplephotos.com) or call me (850-499-1376) if you are interested in giving Duke his forever home.

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