1. Family Photography in Rosemary Beach

    Rosemary Beach, Florida

    I can almost hear the giggles from these little girls in these images. This family was so sweet. The girls Lark and Bliss were so kind and cute, they made my job extra breezy and fun. I just love shooting family photography in Rosemary Beach. We walked around the town and took images while we waited for the light to drop just a little bit more before we headed on down to the beach. The beach was so full of surprises for this family. We spotted dolphins (several dolphins!) and watched them give us quite the show. We watched the clouds change, while the moon hung out in the sky. It felt unreal, honestly. Towards the end of our session we noticed that the waves were breaking on a sandbar that was pretty close to shore so Heather and Todd and their beautiful daughters Lark and Bliss decided to be troopers and head towards the sand bar for a final family portrait. It was awesome and I’m so glad they did it. It’s one of my favorite family photos to date. :) Anyway, check them out.

    Family Photography in Rosemary Beach rosemarybeach2 rosemarybeach3

    Most Treasured Moment

    The moment I can tell when a family no longer feels the intimidating stare of my lens on them, when I can tell they feel like the only family on the beach-- in that moment in time laughing, splashing, and unplugged... I treasure that moment the most. :)

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