1. Family Photography Road Trip

    Gulf Shores, Alabama

    Hello friends! It’s been an awesome summer so far for Nichole Burnett Photography. I’ve been hanging out with my kids, hanging out with new clients and friends, and it’s been crazy wonderful! I wanted to share a more recent Family Photography Road Trip session with you.  This awesome family session was photographed in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Jamie had Facebook messaged me a while back after she found me on the Rock the Shot blog. I had been featured as their photographer spotlight and Jamie wanted to know if I would ever travel to Gulf Shores for a session. I told her that I would absolutely and to email me. Well, not long after that, Jamie emailed me to ask if I would be in the area when her family was to vacation there. As luck would have it, I was to be driving through Gulf Shores with my lovely friend Jaime (I know right?! They have the same name– different spelling so this may get confusing! ;)) and our kids on our way back from a Taylor Swift concert in Louisiana. It was meant to be! I met Jamie and her family and instantly felt like I’d known her forever. Jamie is a photographer as well so we definitely have some common interests. You can see her gorgeous photography here. Her husband Keith was so sweet and such a good sport. He’s an avid golfer which is something he and my husband have in common. He listened to me brag about my husband’s golf skills too. Well, I tried to brag, but I got his average score all wrong and Keith was nice enough to not say that his “average” score was terrible. LOL! For the record his score is in the mid 70’s and I said it was in the 90’s. Whoopsie! Sorry husband! Jamie’s daughters Ella and Quinn were  just precious and we had tons of fun! Check them out!

    So I used my typical equipment here with the exception of my new silver Velvet 56 Lensbaby. That lens is so much fun. I have a styled shoot all planned to play around more with that lens. It’s gonna be amazing so don’t miss it! Also, Keep checking back here for a much needed updated post on what’s in my bag! Here’s the old post that was shared on the NAPCP (National Association of Professional Child Photographers) website. I had just switched from Nikon to Canon before I was asked to share that information with the NAPCP and have since added so many new fun toys! Anyway, watch for that post. :) Faulkner-1 Faulkner-2 Faulkner-3 faulkner-4

    Most Treasured Moment

    As the light dropped to mark the end of another day, I watched this family splash and play all while knowing that these moments would always be remembered through this wonderful gift of photography. That is what I treasured the most. These moments are priceless.

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