1. Family Photography Sessions: Rosemary Beach

    Rosemary Beach, Florida

    I have so many family photography sessions that I want to share with you all! I know I say that all the time, but it’s true. Now that I’ve finally settled into my new home, I’m getting back into my blogging groove. :) This first session I chose to share was taken on beautiful Rosemary Beach. Most of my clients hire me online so I don’t have the opportunity to meet them until I show up for their session. It’s actually one of my many favorite things about being a photographer. Getting to know my clients online, then meeting them all dressed up and ready for their photo session is a favorite surprise. If you know me (just look at my website! Hello!) you know I love dreamy pastel colors. Pink just so happens to be one of my favorite colors so you can imagine my delight to see this gorgeous Mama’s dress! Pretty much this whole color palette made me swoon. Add in this family’s love for one another, that gorgeous beach and refractive sunlight, the beautiful sky, and the beautiful emerald green water of Rosemary Beach, and we have the session below! It’s quite the combination, right?! Also, that beautiful image of the little girl holding the shell? She legitimately found that shell on the beach! I kid you not!! If you know the Emerald coast well, you know that we don’t have many shells washing up on the shore, and the ones that do are broken. Finding this shell made me so happy! It’s the little things that make life complete, right?!

    Family Photography Sessions: Rosemary Beach


    1. Dorothy

      Love your editing style. I’m a very amateur photographer and love the look you have for these photos. How do you achieve the dreamy quality to the photos? Are they Lightroom/ photoshop presets or something similar? I’m trying to learn how to achieve editing results like this. Hope it’s okay to ask.

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