1. Forever and a Day…

    A few weeks ago I was honored to document a gorgeous wedding.  Shannon was a friend of a friend and often my muse for my personal photography projects.  (Just look at her and you will know why. Umm.. GORGEOUS!)  When she asked me to document her wedding I was a big mess of emotions.  First one was honored–wedding photography is a BIG deal.  Second, excited for all the pretty, but most of all I was plain ole’ happy that I knew I was going to be documenting a beautiful day for someone that was becoming a beautiful friend.  Her day was magical.  I have done my best to cut down the amount of images in this post.  Believe me!  It wasn’t easy.  ;)


    1. Louise

      Oh wow. wow. wow.
      you are so talented Nichole – these are just beautiful. i love the last one. xxx Lou

    2. Amy Leigh Smith

      Stunning!!!!! You do really have it in you to make these beautiful images from weddings… I love your take on all of the shots and the PP is PERFECT. So happy to see your work… Love you!

    3. Krysta

      Just catching up on my blogs honey…such a gorgeous wedding, but the way you’ve captured it is even more gorgeous. Loving these so much. xo

    4. kim sanford

      amazingly beautiful!!!!i am thinking of having my wedding here and i these pics just convinced me, its the perfect place:-) i would be so grateful if anyone could share the vendors info that made this beautiful event a reality.

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