1. Girl talk

    Destin, Florida~

    This is Ann and her gorgeous daughter Sofia.  At first glance, most would think this is just a beautiful session of the beautiful bond between a Mother and her child, but it’s way more.  You see, Ann is lucky to be with us. During most of my sessions, I ask my clients questions about themselves to get to know them better. For Ann and I, the day we met for our session was the very first time we had met.  As I asked Anne what she envisioned for her images, she explained to me that she just wanted to capture life.  Pure and simple life.  Ann explained that she had previously suffered an aneurism and was extremely lucky to be alive.  As she told me the story of how it was caught and how her life was saved, I was reminded that life is precious.  Not everyday is promised, and that every moment should be lived to its fullest.

    I know that sometimes in my daily realm of normal I forget the things that matter most.  Even with the best intentions, I am human and time is always something I run out of.  I run out of time to blog, to clean, to email, to do everything.  For that reason, I felt compelled to write this post.  I’m going to make sure I don’t take my time or my loved ones time for granted, and I want to urge you all to do the same.  Take a good look at your loved ones, give them a hug, tell them you love them.  MAKE time to appreciate the little moments in the big picture.  It’s worth it.


    In just the few hours we spent together, it was evident that you are truly remarkable in every way.  I’m so glad we met. Next time is wine time. ;)

    Nichole xo



    1. Childhood Friend Joy

      We are indeed fortunate to have Ann in our lives, she is adored, admired and loved by so many with all sincerity. I’m so thankful Ann has always kept in touch with not only me but all those she meets! Ann brings the true meaning of friend and daughter Sofia brings such joy and smiles, it’s obvious she’s a reflection of her mom. Both Ann and Sofia have such cheer they make me grateful to be alive and part of their family:)

      Hugs your childhood friend

    2. Gina Linder

      Ann is an amazing woman, and she has touched and blessed my life in so many ways. She truly LIVES life, and when you are around her, you feel an energy and passion that make you believe anything is possible. As you can tell in the pictures, Sophia is Ann’s heart and soul, and will, without doubt, grow up to be an incredible young lady.


    3. Ilona

      Nichole, you are so right! I love your post. I adore the images and the connection you captured between mother and her daughter. Stunning!

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