1. The Grayton Beach Florida Adventure

    This photography session is what I like to call the Grayton Beach, Florida Adventure Part II.  I had blogged the first part of this Grayton Beach, Florida photography session a few months ago.  If you want to see that (it’s one of my favorites! Go look!)  you can look here.  In that post I had promised to show more from the session so here goes!  I shot this session at Grayton Beach Florida State Park.  We walked around the park and through the trails and just talked and I watched the way the family interacted.  These were some of the easiest images to capture.  No one was posed, everyone was just real. In fact, if you can’t tell I even have some images below of a little boy being naughty (but cute!) and crossing the dune lines.  That’s illegal and I do not condone such behavior. ;)  BUT, I COULD NOT resist snapping a few of him while his parents eagerly encouraged him to come back onto the trail.  I mean really!  Could you?  These images remind me of why my job is the greatest. Enjoy this whimsical Grayton Beach family photography session. xo

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