1. Growing Up…

    Santa Rosa Beach, Florida –   I’ve been awful at taking images of my little boy lately.  For that very reason I’ve been working really hard at keeping my camera with me when I leave the house.  Now,  I’m always ready for a few snaps of my little ones if the opportunity presents itself.  This past weekend, one such opportunity did unfold. Here are just a few of his handsome face.

    This is a little random, but as I am sitting here looking at his face, I’m struck with all sorts of emotions.  I can’t believe that this boy was my first baby.  I used to hold him constantly.  My husband called him my little monkey because I was always carrying him around.  That nickname eventually turned into my little Monker Bonkers. * SIGH*  he makes me so happy.  I’m glad he still let’s me call him Monker Bonkers too… okay so that’s enough  Random Thoughts With Nichole Burnett for the day.  ;)

    *Images edited with my actions.  This action is called “Goldie Locks.”


    1. Louise Tee

      i know the feeling …. watching your baby grow to be a big boy like this…I have this conversation almost daily with my son about how proud I am of him but that I don’t want him to get any bigger – it confuses him a little I think!
      love this action – my hand is up if you need a tester before you release your actions!

    2. Kate

      He is so handsome. I love the second image – such gorgeous eyes. And I’m with Louise – if you need another tester for your divine actions – pick me! lol

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