1. Happy Heart

    Destin, Florida- It’s Monday.  I’m not usually one of those happy-about-the-start-of-my-work-week people– and by work I mean get up early, make the lunches, get the kids ready for school, get myself dressed, take the children to school, exercise, then work like a maniac on the business side of photography whilst keeping my 2-year-old happy, keeping my house clean, and prepping for dinner all before it’s time to go get the kiddos (rinse and repeat everyday), BUT for some reason today I am.  Maybe it’s because I had a relaxing weekend with my family. Maybe it’s that the weather is sunny and nice.  Whatever it is, it’s working and I’m thankful.  I hope you all have a great start to your work week. xo

    AND because a neck-ed post is… well, boring.  Here is a little look into how I spent my weekend with my family. More to come soon.

    ~Edited with my Make Believe Actions the Seaside Set.  For this image I used “Emerald Coast” with minimal adjustments  and “A Sight to Sea” with the sky masked.



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