1. It’s a baby!


    destin photographerDestin, Florida Photographer~

    Yep, it’s true.  We are expecting!  I always thought that someday I might have one more baby, but really… I never REALLY believed that.  My children are all potty trained, they can tell me what they want or need.  As of August this year, they will all be in school too.  Heck, Collin will be going off to College this coming fall too!! I can’t even think about that right now.  I’m in denial.   I can’t decide if my empty house will be perfect timing or if I am nuts.  :)  So let’s just go with perfect timing.  I mean look at my other little Burnett’s above!  How could I not have just one more?!  They are so beautiful!! :)  We were very surprised by the positive test I took the day after Thanksgiving, but it was one of the best surprises we could have asked for.  I’m excited to have a new baby to love and take pictures of.  (Hahaha, of course I would go there!  I am a photographer afterall! ;))  My due date is August 2nd so in true Burnett fashion that will mean a late July baby.  I’m sure of it.  Who knew that my little family wasn’t complete yet?  Baby name suggestions anyone?  Oh!  In case you were wondering, in the pictures above we have Caleb in the top left corner.  I took that image on our beautiful Destin, FL beaches.  The top right image is a newly born Halle, and the bottom left photograph is of little Lyla.  :) Thank you for reading! xo



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