1. Jonah

    Santa Rosa Beach Newborn Photographer

    Gosh I love a newborn photography session.  *SWOON*  This is little Jonah.  He is absolutely precious.  His Mommy and Daddy were once wedding clients of mine. You may remember them from this blog post.  I just love seeing their family grow.  I went to Shannon and John’s house to take these newborn images.  I got to see his adorable baby yawns, his tiny little cry, and watch his parents and big sister love on their newest family member. ( It made me excited and anxious to welcome my own new baby into this world.  Soon, soon. haha!)  I wanted these photographs to be very organic and real.  Sure I could have photo shopped the flakes of dry skin off, but I just loved it.  It’s a part of this stage of life, and it goes by so quickly, so why not?  Now, if someone could please invent a way to capture baby smell in a bottle… that would be great. ;)

    If you are interested in booking a newborn photography session here are a couple of tips.  Don’t wait! The best time for newborn pictures is in the first two weeks of life, AND they aren’t newborns for long.  You don’t want to forget this stage. :)   Also, just do it!  Sure it’s an expense, but it’s one you will never regret.

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