1. Just another day…

    This past weekend was a weekend for the oldest people living in my house.  My husband, my stepson, and a few of our closest friends and family members went on a weekend trip to Orlando, FL.  My husband loves going to the Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios.  We are usually visiting the parks at Disney this time of year so we always set a date one evening for the children to stay in our hotel with my Mom, while the “big kids” attend the scary evening alone.    Well, this year we decided to do things a little bit differently.  Instead of going  to Disney for Halloween, we are going to go for Thanksgiving.  We have always wanted to see the Christmas lights at Disney,  so this is the year we will do it!  This meant we wouldn’t be able to have our annual scare night, so instead, we made a weekend out of it.  My mother stayed with the youngest three, and the rest of us headed out.  I knew I needed some time to myself without my babies, but as soon as we got on the road I began to miss them.  I couldn’t wait to get back home to my children!  I missed them so much, in more than one way actually.  I kept catching glimpses of Collin where he didn’t look like a child anymore.  When did he grow up?!  Looking at his not-so-baby face has gotten me all in a frenzy.  When did he get taller than me?  He was just 6 years old when I first met him.  He was at a t-ball game and he was so shy.  Where did all this time go?  Now I’m looking at Caleb and wondering if before I know it will he be taller than me too?  It’s not even just the boys that are growing fast either!  I look at Lyla and wonder when she started looking more like a toddler than a baby.  It’s times when I feel like this that I feel the need to try my hardest to document my little ones while still enjoying these moments with them.  Can someone please make time slow down for me?

    I wanted to share some images of Caleb and Collin enjoying some family time feeding the ducks.  We just hop on our golf cart and search for the ducks, bread in hand.  It’s one of my children’s favorite things to do, and watching them play and just be is one of my favorite things to do.


    1. Deana

      What gorgeous pictures ~ I especially like the one of the children running on the bridge. Looks like a dream :)

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