1. Just Beachy…

    I must say that it is so nice to be back home!  You will have to excuse my slow blogging as of late.  I’m catching up from a wonderful ‘girls’ weekend in Atlanta, Georgia that I took last weekend with a photographer friend of mine.  We attended a workshop and spent the rest of our time shopping, and relaxing.  As a mom, the idea of just lying around in the hotel room is pure bliss.  So that we did.  Now, I am home and enjoying my time loving on my babies, and catching up with editing and all other things work related.  I’ve got a few seconds to share a few images from a recent session, but I promise to be sharing many more beautiful images in the coming weeks.  Until then, enjoy this gorgeous family!   :)


    1. Kristen Patel

      thank you, thank you, thank you…they are precious. loved the way you captured alexa’s eyes…and luke and mama – so sweet…

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