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    When I get inspired to style a session, I usually write it down in my journal and hope and pray for the right client to come along for it.  I had wanted to do a piñata birthday session for months now and had pretty much decided if the right client didn’t come along soon, I would just have to do this shoot for my children.  After all, I am super behind on their birthday pics (March and July).  After talking to my friend Autumn she told me that she really wanted me to take her daughter’s 4 year old birthday photos.  Then it hit me!  Luna would be PERFECT for this idea so I was off to start researching the perfect piñata.  After finding a gorgeous piñata that cost about $200 I decided to make one instead.  $200 for cardboard that I want to let a 4 year old destroy with a stick?  No thank you.  I came across this tutorial for a moon piñata and I knew I didn’t need to look any further.  Afterall, Autumn’s daughter’s name is Luna!  It was perfect!  I took an old Zara box from a recent baby clothes delivery and started cutting out my shape.  After lots of tape, gold foil tissue paper, mod podge glue, and sweat and tears it was finished.  ;)

    We went to an urban looking area for this session and I am just smitten.  Luna was so stinking cute, she couldn’t have been any easier to take photos of.  I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do!  Happy 4th birthday Luna!

    Family Photographers in Destin

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