1. Lifestyle Newborn Photography Sessions

    Panama City Beach, Florida

    Lifestyle newborn photography sessions are some of my favorite sessions to do as a Destin photographer. I love going into a family’s home and seeing all the hard work and planning that took place to create the beautiful nursery for the new baby. I love seeing the family interactions and connections. It’s sort of like being a fly on the wall. I’m a people watcher so of course it’s one of my favorite things to do. Put my camera into the scenario and it’s even more fun to watch these day in the life moments. I recently did this newborn session for my client Mandy and her family. Her little girl, Mary has been on this blog several times. She’s so super beautiful and she’s growing oh so fast. This session was for their newest little boy, William.

    I wanted to also let you all know I’m adding a new feature to my blog posts. I often get asked how I edit, what camera and lenses I use so I thought I’d just spill the beans here with each session. With this particular lifestyle session I used my main camera body which is my Canon 5D Mark III. I like to use multiple lenses so sometimes I will use two bodies and this session was no exception. The other body I used was my main underwater camera which is my Canon 5D Mark II. For my lenses I used my 35mm 1.4 and my 28mm 1.8, and for the macro shots I used my Lensbaby Composer Pro with Sweet 35 optic AND the macro accessory. I’m a bit of a gear junkie to keep me seeing things differently. That’s it! I hope you love these as much as I do! xo

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    Most Treasured Moment

    "Seeing baby William with his big brother made my heart so happy. I can just imagine the bond they will have as they both grow. I've seen that bond with my oldest boys, Collin and Caleb. It's so incredibly special. These are the moments worth remembering forever."

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