1. Day two | My favorite shoes

    Day two of this project, and I already felt insane for taking on such a task.  I’m so thankful for my photographer friends that have helped me stick with it.  It really is so much fun.  :)  Today’s theme was my favorite pair of shoes.  Shoes are normally a huge weakness of mine, but deciding on my favorite pair was easy.  My running shoes are my favorite for many reasons.  My number one reason is that with these, I am on my way to my 19 year old body…Woohoo! 


    1. Amy Leigh Smith

      I brought mine for this weekend. If we have time. Fun Fun Fun things to do. I want my 19 year old body back…. or my 39 year old one… because it is going to be fabulous.

    2. Louise Tee

      love them!! i have posted my shoes shot but quite perplexed for what to do today for hands….

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