Mentor With Me


Trying to figure out everything about photography and business by yourself can be difficult, but there is no reason to do it alone. I want to help you create beautiful images consistently, edit gorgeously and effortlessly, set your business apart from your competition, and create a workflow that works for you. Balance is the key to a happy business and a happy home.

One Fine Day

Set aside a full day for the best one on one mentoring you've ever had! Not only will I show you everything about my business, but we will talk in depth about yours! We'll talk about your style, consistency, pricing, workflow, branding, styling, editing, and balance. I'll even take your headshots and arrange a session for you to shoot.

When we're finished, you also receive two Little Talks sessions so I can answer any lingering questions you have from our wonderful day together!

Little Talks
($100/Per Hour)

Perfect for the photographer who has just a few specific questions they would like answered. We will arrange a lovely place to meet in person (or a specific time to chat on Skype, if you're in a far away land) to talk about all the things you need help with!

Make Believe Actions

Fourteen years ago, I experienced the Seaside area for the first time. As many have, I immediately fell in love with its beaches, vibe, and colorful landscape. Seaside has always been a huge inspiration to me, especially in how I post-process. I wanted my own images to give off that same colorful enchantment that Seaside holds so dear. With the Seaside Set (60 actions!), you can create your own candy skies and pastel hues. Each action is fully customizable to match your own style—keep it subtle or be vibrant!