1. Presley and Stella ~ Destin, Florida Children’s Photographer

    Hello again.  Let me start by saying I really miss blogging!  I am getting ready for a weekend stay in Chicago for a wedding  (I’ve never been there so I am quite excited,) but before I leave I want to leave you with a little bit of pretty to look at.  Here goes…  These two lovely little ladies are the daughters of one of my best friends.  I’ve known these little girls since they were in their mommy’s tummy.  They have grown up before my eyes, and are both so smart and beautiful. Take a peek below….


    1. Amy Leigh Smith

      Oh My….. Now of course you know I am going to be madly in love with all of these… I do think those little ladies are the Sun, Moon, and Stars. Looks like they had a blast with you. Stella was happy happy happy and Presley is doing a good job of the VOGUE face. I love you so very much thank you again for these.

    2. Krysta

      I adore these Nichole. The backlit one of Presley is gorgeous! I hope that little honey is feeling better. I’m not sure how I missed all of that on FB, but sooo happy to see she’s on the mend. Loves. xo

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