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    Santa Rosa Beach, Florida Photographer~

    When I began my journey into the world of photography one thing I did not expect was to meet and make friends with people all over the world.  I’ve been blessed enough to meet some wonderful people online and travel and meet up with them in person…

    I met Renee first.  Take a good look around my website and you will see a beautiful website design… you can thank Renee for that.  It started with an email inquiry about web design and from there we began getting to know each other.  It wasn’t until February of this year that I was lucky enough to meet her in person at the infamous WPPI convention.  She attended with her husband Ryan, and I with my husband Steven and two of my favorite photographer friends.  We all hit it off immediately and when the time came to leave we were all genuinely sad.  Ryan had dazzled us with his magic skills–yes he is a magic man– and Renee with her witty sense of humor and sweet laid back demeanor.  On the plane home my husband and the rest of my Vegas group concurred that meeting Renee and Ryan was truly the highlight of the trip.  We were going to miss them.  Thankfully not long after, Ryan and Renee decided to take a vacation where I live and visit the beautiful beaches of Destin, FL.  While their vacation did not last long enough, I was able to take some beautiful images of their time here.  You can check those out below.  :)  Ryan and Renee, come back!  I am counting the days until we can hang out again!  I miss your faces. xoxox

    And as usual these were edited with my Make Believe Actions!


    1. Louise

      you weave your Burnett magic in all of your work so beautifully – just gorgeous

    2. Renee & Ryan - Ribbons of Red

      I’m finally at a proper computer to comment! We are so smitten with these gorgeous images—we can’t believe that’s actually US! We seriously can’t thank you enough for sharing your talent with us! We had an absolute blast. xx

    3. kristen

      yeah!!! so happy you got to meet renee…i remember your beautiful inspirational stories about her….so thrilled for you!

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