1. Rain, Rain… Went Away | Beach Photography

    Seacrest Beach, Florida

    The evening of this Seacrest Beach photography session I didn’t think there was any chance this session would happen. I really thought we would have to reschedule. It was pouring rain, lightning was striking all around me and the radar lit up like a Christmas tree with all the red and green, but if you zoomed in on the radar you would see a tiny little strip of beach that was completely clear. That little strip of beach was Seacrest Beach which is where this session was set to take place. My client Crystal who is also a photographer (and is also the Marketing Director of the NAPCP) really didn’t want to reschedule. As a mom, I can totally understand that getting everyone ready for pictures isn’t an easy thing. To do that twice in one week while you’re supposed to be relaxing on vacation isn’t ideal at all.  For her sake, I really wanted everything to go as planned. I hopped in my jeep and headed to meet my clients. It poured so hard I didn’t think there was anyway the weather was going to clear up, but I was wrong! When I turned on to 30 A the downpour changed to a light sprinkle, and as I pulled into Seacrest the rain was almost completely gone. I waited with Crystal and her family hoping that the sprinkle would stop completely, but after a few minutes of waiting we decided it was now or never. We weren’t even 10 minutes into the session when the rain completely stopped, and the rain drops on Crystal’s family’s shirts dried up. We were so happy! The kids played and as the light dropped we were given the most beautiful pastel pink sunset I’ve seen in a while. I’m so happy we did this session the night that we did. :)

     Beach Photography

    Most Treasured Moment

    I just love that through all the rain and gloom, the clouds parted and we were given our real life happily ever after!

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