1. Random…

    Some of you know that I attended 2 wonderful workshops this summer.  One of the beautiful gifts I received from attending these workshops were some beautiful friends.  One of these lovely friends, Kate Geikowski, has “tagged” me in a fun little blogging game.  The object is to share 7 random details about yourself.   So here I go…

    1.  My favorite holiday is Christmas.

    2. I love, love, LOVE dark chocolate!

    3. I have 2 dogs.  A Siberian husky by the name of Foxy, and a toy Australian Shepard by the name of Coco.

    4. I do not like having my picture taken… surprise, surprise!

    5. One of my favorite movies is “50 First Dates.”

    6. I love makeup.

    7.  I am teaching my husband how to use a camera.  Here is an image he captured while I was teaching him about spot metering.   I must say, that I am quite impressed!

    Thank you Kate for thinking of me!  xx


    1. Tirzah

      Wow, impressive is right. I still don’t get spot-metering, ha ha. Great things to know about you. I share the dark chocolate love w/you ;). Also, sounds like beautiful dogs. My husband wants a husky one of these days.

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