1. Rosemary Beach Lifestyle Photography

    Rosemary Beach, Florida

    Rosemary Beach is one of my favorite areas to do lifestyle photography sessions. There are so many little nooks and picturesque areas to explore, I could do a session there every week and none of the images would look the same. Anna and Chris have had me take their daughter Ava Jane’s pictures since she turned two years old. The first session I had with them was on the beach.  You may recognize Anna and Ava Jane from my homepage image. For Ava Jane’s three year old pictures we went to Eden, and little Ava looked just like a little fairy among the giant oak trees. This year for Ava Jane’s fourth birthday Anna decided that Rosemary would be the perfect spot. Rosemary holds many sentimental memories for Anna, Chris, and Ava Jane so we decided to take those memories and make an adventure out of it. We met at Anna’s Mom’s house and took some images there, we walked to the Rosemary Square and Anna pointed out all the places that Ava spent her first years at. Above the bookstore, the Summer Kitchen– each area had a fun little story. Anna informed me that Ava Jane is well known in that area as the Mayor of Rosemary! How cute is that?! I loved learning all about Ava Jane’s first years. Check this session out below!

    Rosemary Beach Lifestyle Photography Rosemary_Beach_2 Rosemary_Beach_3

    Most Treasured Moment

    "My favorite part of this session was learning about the fun memories the area held for my clients. Oh, playing with little Ava Jane was also a big perk. She is such a little stinker and I love her!"

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