1. Seaside Florida Family Photographer

    Seaside Florida Family Photographer ~

    Seaside Florida Family Photographer

    This Seaside, Florida Family session was taken over the course of two days.  The evening of the session on the first day, I was unpleasantly surprised by the ugly brown shade the beach water had become due to the large amounts of rain we have endured this summer.  We worked with what we had and I loved the images from that night.  However, I know that one of the reasons my clients want their images on our gorgeous Seaside beaches is because of the gorgeous emerald green water we almost always showcase.  I left this session and talked to a photographer friend of mine who was able to recommend a beach in Destin where the water was still lovely and emerald green.  I talked with this family and we decided to meet up for about 20 minutes at this beach during the bright midday sun.  I don’t normally shoot midday as it can be too bright and the light just isn’t much to my liking, BUT I really wanted to make sure my clients got what they had envisioned and that’s when it needed to happen.  Most of these images are from the midday session.  The look and feel from the first set of images are so beautiful that I will share them.  I just thought I’d share this set first.  :)  Stay tuned for the rest.  xo

    **I am very proud to announce that this image received an award from the National Association of Professional Children’s Photographers!!  I am so beyond thrilled I couldn’t wait to share my excitement with you all!!  :)


    1. Award Winning Photographer Santa Rosa Beach | Nichole Burnett Photography

      […] I am so excited to share the news with you all!  Last year I was surprised to see that an image I had entered in the National Association of Professional Child Photographers received the Recognition of Merit Award!  I remember seeing information on the image competition, but I hadn’t really planned on entering.  Then I got an email that informed me that it was the last day to enter, so I thought to myself, “Why not?”  You can imagine my shock when the winners were announced.  I hadn’t received an email about any award so I naturally assumed I hadn’t won.  As I was scrolling through the winners images I saw this image and almost DIED!  Okay I’m being dramatic.  I didn’t almost die, but I was so incredibly surprised.  It was awesome! :)  I realized that I had never shared this exciting news on my blog so I wanted to go ahead and fix that while I have some time.  :)  You can see the other images from this session here. […]

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