1. Sepia Love

    Destin, Florida

    I just wanted to share some of what I’ve been working on.  This pretty little lady is my Caleb’s girlfriend, Ashlyn.  They are so cute…

    These were edited with the action ‘Sepia Love.’  They feel a little different for me, but I love them.  Just thought I would share. xoxo


    Also, if you feel inclined I have started a Facebook Fan page for my Make Believe Actions.  You can see it here.  It’s a little bare at the moment, BUT I’ll be adding tons of pretty images to that page shortly!  Enjoy your week! xoxo


    1. Louise Tee

      stunning Nichole – love the last one especially. that link to Fbook did not work for me…I will do a search on fbook to try and find it xx

    2. Amy

      Gorgeous as always. I love to come and comment on your post but, I must always try and refrain from reading everyone’s sweet notes because I want to use the EXACT same words. Like Louise my first thought was stunning and sweet and beautiful are just as perfect to describe these. Keep them coming.

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