1. She’s a Supermodel

    Miramar Beach, Florida ~ A few weekends ago I had decided to take some pictures of my babies.  I dressed Halle up, and we talked all morning about taking her pictures.  She asked me to curl her hair like I do mine so I did.  We primped and were ready to go take pictures.  I guess what I didn’t realize was HOW ready Halle was for her photoshoot.  Let me explain…

    On our way to our photo-session destination we stopped at a little vintage boutique and I noticed on the outside of the building that it had a big heart painted on the wall.  I decided to take one or two snaps of Halle to use for her Valentine’s Day card while we were there.  Nothing truly artistic or anything, it was full sun and the sun was not in an ideal location.  It was shadowy and the space was cluttered, but I thought I’d give it a whirl anyway.  I get my camera set, and I say to Halle, “Stand right here and I’m going to back up and take your picture.  I lower myself and begin to compose my shot when I see Halle’s first ‘pose.’

    I look at her stance and I’m immediately confused.  I ask her, “Halle, do you need to use the restroom?”  Halle replies, “No, I like this pose.  Picture me.”  So I did.  Then out of no where she begins a posing marathon…

    At this point I have not said a word, but I cannot hold my laughter inside anymore.  Who is this child??!  She hears my laughter and begins to start laughing as well…

    At this point we are laughing so hard that I am not even paying much attention to the fact I keep snapping away.  My composition is nuts and the images are blurry, but at this point I am purely snapping away so that I have proof of this incident when I tell her father.

    After I took the images above, I put my camera down and continued to laugh with  my daughter.  We eventually stop and she says, “I think something will be pretty. Picture me some more.”  So I do.

    Now, the above right hand shot is what she thought would be pretty.  OH YES.  She lifted her skirt to show her leg as her ‘pretty’ pose.  I couldn’t let myself actually compose the image to allow for that shot because I was completely surprised by her… creativity.  I seriously, snapped this shot as I was leaning in to cover up my three-year-old’s leg. Who is this child?! I couldn’t quit laughing.  I absolutely love these images.  We had a fun day, and I’m so glad that I have these to remember them by.  I’m also happy to have proof because I know her father would have never believed me. :)

    Thanks for reading!  Have a Happy Valentines Day everyone!! xo


    1. Rowe

      oh my goodness… she is so cute! where on earth do they come up with this stuff? i especially love the first 4 where she has started to giggle!

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