1. Six ~ Destin Children’s Photographer

    These lovely little girls below aren’t new faces to my blog. When I met them back in January I was so smitten with their sweet little personalities.  You could tell that they were best friends on top of being sisters.  Twin sisters. This session was to mark a new year for these gorgeous girls.  They both just had birthdays, and are finally SIX years old!  We decided to do this session over at Harbor Walk Village.  It’s sad to me the last time I had been to Harbor Walk Village was in October of 2008.  I really do need to get out more! There were so many fun things to do there, I knew we couldn’t go wrong. I think it was a perfect, fun backdrop for this session.    Take a peek at the girls below as they are now super mature and grown-up 6 year olds!  I mean really!  They even looked older since January.  Their hair had grown, they were each a little taller.  SIGH.  Let’s try to slow things down a bit please?  :)  Stella and Ava, Happy, Happy Birthday to you little ladies!  xo


    1. Joy

      Such fantastic pictures! You really do an amazing job capturing their sweet personalities. Thank you so much!!

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