1. Star Wars

    Sandestin Florida

    UPDATE! This session is from 2012! The Fort has since then been retired. Thanks for looking! XO

    Destin, Florida~

    I am officially back from Australia these days.  I have so many sessions to share with you that I hope you all stay tuned to see them.  I thought to start my blogging marathon, I’d share these fun images taken of my son and his friend Jackson.  Both Jackson and Caleb are huge Star Wars fans.  What started as a session for The Fort ended up being a play-date worth remembering.  Check these little guys out.

    Darth Vader is played by Jackson who is the son of Laura Mcphail, my partner in The Fort magazine, and of course the Jedi is my son Caleb.  For more info on how this shoot came to be a reality check out the post on The Fort Blog!

    And because these guys were such good sports, we paid them in ice cream. :)



    1. April

      PERFECT make believe shoot! LOVE IT! :) They seemed like they really enjoyed themselves too!

    2. Kelly

      OMG….they are SO cute!! Great costumes, too!! Reminded me of the VW commercial when he “turns on” the car with his magic powers…. they must’ve had so much fun!

    3. Renee

      HAHAHA. This is seriously the best!!!! They really look like they are in a movie in those alley shots. How perfect is that lighting?!

    4. Laura

      We had such a blast with you and Caleb. I’m so glad we will have these to look back on when they are big and think this kind of stuff is silly. :) I love you lady!!!

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